ScheduleBliss for iOS App Release – What your Clients Need to Know

The ScheduleBliss App for iOS launched today, allowing your clients to check in for classes, appointments & events. In addition, your clients will be able to make purchases, including passes for your sessions and gift cards.

The ScheduleBliss App provides more value to both your business and your clients. The ScheduleBliss App increases your clients’ engagement with your business because using the ScheduleBliss App is much quicker than a traditional web page. In addition, your clients now have the ability to make purchases and signup for sessions whenever and wherever which means more sales from your clients, happier clients and an increase in everyone’s overall Bliss Level!

When letting your existing clients know about the new ScheduleBliss App, please make sure that you let them know the following important information. Following these simple guidelines will make sure that you don’t have problems with clients setting up multiple accounts.

  • If a client already has a profile in your ScheduleBliss system then they must login to the ScheduleBliss App with their existing email and password combination.
  • If a client has a profile in your ScheduleBliss system but does not have an email address on file then it would be best to let them know to contact you so that you can enter their email address of choice into their profile because in order to login to the ScheduleBliss App, they will need an email and password.
  • If a client is experiencing difficulty logging in with their email and password combination, make sure to let them know that they must not create a new account but rather to contact you to look up their email and password information to make sure that they are using the right one.
  • Please contact me immediately at if you or your clients are experiencing any issues with the ScheduleBliss App – I’m here to help!

Finally, if you have a moment, please give the ScheduleBliss App a 5-star rating on the App Store. It really helps to spread the word and I am personally very thankful to everyone who takes the time to do so.

You can download the new ScheduleBliss App here.

Enjoy the new ScheduleBliss App!

Introducing the ScheduleBliss Android App for your Clients

Improve your client’s Bliss Factor with the new ScheduleBliss App which has just been released for Android and is coming to iOS in the next few days.

Getting started with the ScheduleBliss App is easy for your clients. Just let them know to make sure to follow the following steps:

  • Ask your clients to log in to the ScheduleBliss App with the same Email and Password that they use to log in to your current ScheduleBliss Site
  • If your clients don’t  know their password, no problem – simply  ask them to click on “I Need a Password?” and ScheduleBliss will send a new password to their email address immediately
  • Let your clients know that if they already have an existing account with you on ScheduleBliss, then they should not create a duplicate account on the App, but they should login with their existing Email and Password
  • Let your clients know to contact me at with any and all questions so that I can help

With the ScheduleBliss App, your clients will be able to signup for Classes, Events and Appointments, purchase Passes, Gift Cards and Products and also manage Cancellations and upcoming Sessions.

The ScheduleBliss App is geared towards your studio and does not offer your clients ads or links to other competing businesses in the area.

The ScheduleBliss App for Android can be downloaded by your clients from the following link:

I am very committed to providing the most blissful experience possible for your clients with an App that is intuitive and fun. Email me at, I would love to hear your ideas for making the App better.

ScheduleBliss introduces iDEAL Payments for Yoga Studios in Holland

If there is one thing that the Dutch love, it is their delicious Pannenkoeken (yes, those world famous Dutch pancakes!). The other thing that Holland really loves is iDEAL for online payments.

I’m excited to announce that ScheduleBliss has just unveiled iDEAL payments support, allowing customers of Dutch Yoga & Pilates studios, and other service based businesses, to pay using this record breaking new online payment method.

iDEAL has recently released their latest statistics revealing that since their inception in 2005, more than 1 billion payments have been made using iDEAL. In fact, 60% of Dutch consumers used iDEAL to pay for their most recent purchase.

For more information about ScheduleBliss, iDEAL and the other payment methods that ScheduleBliss can offer your business, visit us at

#FunFacts ! Dutch pannenkoekenhuizen (pancake houses) don’t only serve sweet pannenkoeken, they also serve savory pannenkoeken too. And Dutch pannenkoeken can also been huge, up to one foot in diameter. Finally, yes – you can even make vegan pannenkoeken!

Does Your Studio Accept All The Payments Your Clients Want To Use?

If you run your own yoga, pilates or fitness studio (or salon, spa or any other business for that matter), you’re probably aware that the world of payments is growing at an exciting, and perhaps slightly bewildering rate.

Clients no longer need to be constrained by the shackles of pulling out their credit cards to pay for services and classes anymore, when they can just as easily pay using their Apple watch payments while sublimely meditating in downward facing dog.

You might well say that the world seems to have gone slightly payments crazy at the moment. There are so many options for both mobile payments and payments made at the point of sale that it can be difficult to keep up with the popular trends among your clients. So, what to do? Well, why not accept all your payments with one device if you can?

I am pleased to introduce the EMV Smart Terminal to the ScheduleBliss Business Management family. With the Smart Terminal , you can accept:

  • Secure Chip or Swiped Card Payments (including all major credit cards)
  • Apple Watch Payments
  • Payments from NFC-ready phones
  • E-Check payments

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. It is a secure standard for chip-based Debit and Credit Card transactions. The benefits to your business are fewer charge-backs, less fraud, better security and more convenience.

The Smart Terminal also allows you to go paperless while improving security with Electronic Signatures and Receipts. Going paperless is an environment friendly option that many clients like for both convenience and personal reasons, so why not support it?

For more on the new Smart Terminal visit

#FunFacts ! Thermal receipt paper is often coated with the toxin, BPA. It is used as a developer and occurs in it’s “free” form which could more likely be absorbed either orally or transdermally by humans. Research has also revealed that skin penetration enhancers often found in hand sanitizers increases the absorption of BPA into the blood stream. Maybe just email me that receipt?